The Dumbbell System for Beginners,
Advanced Athletes and Profis.

Thats how Winner Products Look Like!

Variable from 2,0 to 20.0 kg and expandable to 32 kg
with a ad on kit
Twist, Peel, Feel. All in one second.

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Bestes Price Sales Performance

This is the key to total Body Fitness for Young
and Old at Home, in the Office, or in the Fitness Studio.


The result is a better look a better physical Well-being and a start of a New Lifestyle.

Thanks to the innovative patented technology and unique design, it allows you to select the weights you want, simply by turning the soft grip handle forward or backward.

The numerical scale shows the desired weight in each handle on the inner sides in 4 kg steps.

The 12x3 cm Dumbbell handles offer an optimal support and training comfort thanks to their soft grip. The Dumbbell bottom is flat and not round,

a roll away on the floor is not possible.


The Flexbell Floorstand

(optional) enjoys a small footprint of only 0.3 square meters.